Thursday, June 12, 2008

6/12/08 - A shoutout for the Boone Town Boyz

That's my brother (well, not in the still, but about halfway through)! And I couldn't be prouder. Wait until the strains of Big Boi rudely usher Mariah out of the picture, and you will see David in all of his glory. Which is not to denigrate Will and Charles, who hold up their end of the bargain in this clip. All three of these guys are much better kayakers that I will ever be; which is inspiring - I find a lot of satisfaction in watching people at the top of their craft.

Some things to note about this video that make it stand out from the glut of kayaking videos clogging up YouTube, and sure, I'm biased because of who's in it, so take these observations with as many grains of salt as you wish.

Unconventional musical choices: Most kayaking videos, or ski videos, or skate videos, or any other "extreme sports porn", uses aggro music to match the aggro nature of the activity being shown, because it's JUST. THAT. INTENSE. MAN.


The Boone Town Boyz show that rarest of commodities in extreme sports videos - a subtle sense of humor. Sure, there's plenty of dude humor floating around here, but it takes balls to set your exploits to "Touch My Body" by the estimable Ms. Carey, let alone lip-synch it in the car on the way to the river. Props, Will Stubblefield.

"The Rooster" makes for a little bit more mainstream choice, but the awesome quotient is raised a few notches by David's Rooster dance in his finest gentleman-of-leisure threads lit by an incandescently divine neon palm tree lamp. More dramatic - the dancefloor moves? Or the string of full-front-flip loops that David throws down in the playboat. I say it's a tie too close to call. Also, an impeccable display of editing to show the jump off of the table to kick of the segment on the heels of the laid-back "Touch My Body". Props, David Clarke.

Then, the piece de resistance. Not only have I never seen a kayak video scored to a mainstream country song in my lifetime, EVER; I have also never seen someone as devoted to his role as the tractor driving King Charles. Also, great cameo from the Farmer's Daughter. I was ready to go buy tickets to Tim McGraw after I had finished the video. Props, K. Charles.

Subtle humor- the name of the game. Check it out if you've got the time. And, oh yeah, the kayaking is pretty sick as well.


Andrew said...

huge props for the country twist. love it. this is one of the best 'me and my friends hanging out' videos I've ever seen

ariyele said...

can't believe david dancing in the house with the lit palm tree. stellar.