Wednesday, June 09, 2010

6/11/10 - Songs of Summer, Introduction

While the pop-cult omnivores over at Vulture ( are working on their Battle Royale of the song of summer (2010), they provided this handy link to an article on Buzzfeed:

That's right, it's every hit "Song of the Summer". Starting in 1940. I naturally started right where I was familiar in the mid '90s, but then got intrigued by the earlier stuff. So, since I'm not trying to blog about Infinite Jest this summer (that's so summer '09), I'm going to listen to these two at a time and blog about them, starting with "I'll Never Smile Again" and ending at "I Gotta Feeling."


... said...

yes, and yes! i saw the Vulture article that talked about what they thought this year's "songs of the summer" were. Kinda weak, so bring on the oldies!

ps: 50 pages into Infinite Jest so far (after taking your advice and reading a few stories out of Consider the Lobster). Dang - comedic genius.

Croz said...


Check out - it will greatly enhance your reading pleasure. They indexed the whole project. Be careful on the spoiler front if you start clicking around at random, not that spoilers really come into play in IJ.